Indigenous Women`s activists

Etter Feministisk Frigjøringsfestival reiser Cherry Smiley og Marion Ravna videre for å ha samtale i Tromsø kl.2000 på Prelaten Kro og Scene (Sjøgata 12). Se eget facebookevent for løpende oppdateringer.

Meet activists from Sapmi and North America in a conversation on indigenous women, national minorities and feminist liberation strategies. 
What are the key issues for First Nation Women activists in Canada and Saami Women activists in Norway? 
Which strategies do we have in the fight for emancipation of Women?

Cherry Smiley is an artist and a First Nation activist from Canada. She is the founder of Indigenous Women Against the Sex Industry, and is an important voice in the fight against sexual violence against women. She has recieved several awards for her work.

Marion Ravna is from Deatnu/Tana in Northern Norway, and is currently studying law at the University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway. Everyday racism made her a Saami activist, and she has been engaged in Saami youth organizations both locally and nationally. She is a member of the youth board of the Nowegian Saami Association.


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