CATW hilser Kvinnefrontens landsmøte

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW Intl.) and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Latin America and the Caribbean (CATW-LAC) thank the Women’s Front for Its Outstanding and Critical Support.

Since 1996, the Government of Norway, the Women’s Front, Norway, has supported CATW Intl, CATW-LAC, and its partners across Southeast Asia, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean in combating human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls globally.

With this support, CATW and its partner organizations have gained decades of experience in the field and have become highly skilled in promoting and advocating for the rights of women and girls through laws and policies, providing and supporting direct services to victims, developing prevention measures, collaborating with governments and international systems, such as the United Nations or regional bodies, all to combat the commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution, and the trafficking in women and girls.

We promote the Nordic Model in every country in the world. From 2009, when only three countries, including Norway, had adopted this legal framework, today that number of nations enacting the Nordic Model has more than doubled, with additional countries soon to follow.

We apply grassroots, survivor-led leadership models and CATW highlights the growing, global survivor-led movement. Survivors have been invited to speak to and address the United Nations.

Thank you, the Women’s Front, for being our partners for so many years and for supporting CATW with conviction and leadership. CATW aims to continue its groundbreaking successes and impact demonstrated throughout its 30 years legacy.

The impact of our partnership remains immeasurable.


New York, November 2nd 2018

Taina Bien-Aimé

Executive Director



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